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Onsite Medical Billing Specialist

We extend the expertise of a Medical Billing Specialist to assist your employees with total billing support to protect their financial interests. The #1 grievance from employees about their group health plans is the lack of support during the set up and issues experienced from balanced billing.

What is Balanced Billing?

Balanced billing is the contractual fair pricing agreement for medical services while in the preferred network. Access to this network is defined by the type of plan you have, like PPO or HMO networks. Billing that falls outside of preferred network is exposed to unfair billing. Our Medical Billing Specialist understands balanced billing and works with your employees day 1 to minimize billing issues as an ongoing service.

The true value of a Medical Billing Specialist for employees and how it came to be:

Prior to the conception of Custom Care and CustomInsured LLC, we were field agents and regularly met with small business owners and middle class families that had a need for health insurance. Once the insurance was in place, our biggest obstacle was the confusion/frustration from an element of human error and wrongful assumption. Some of our client's were being told at their doctor's office that "We don't take this insurance" causing our phone to ring with a very frustrated client. Even though we looked up the doctor's office in advance, we saw an ongoing and unmistakable trend and realized we were missing something.

What we realized is that medical billing uses a complex series of coding and system-ready integrations that can involve several parties. It's a language that's not translatable unless you work in that field. So, CustomInsured LLC brought in a billing specialist to speak their language in a way to streamline the billing process and to set up coverage in advance for each employee that comes aboard. Through this approach we saw an immediate decline in billing issues that has remained steady. We had to utilize an outside-of-the-box service to offset complications brought on from a financially strapped health care system.

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Unmatched value-added service employees appreciate! Benefits above and beyond!

Set up the employee's coverage with their doctor's office in advance

Our Medical Billing Specialist will reach out to the employee's doctor and introduce their new coverage, ensuring a smooth transition to their first visit. A true white-glove experience available to your small business employees.

Negotiate fair billing practices for upcoming medical procedures through Healthcare Bluebook

For the bigger ticket items, like an outpatient surgery, our Medical Billing Specialist can find all the participating surgeons in the area, analyze their ratings and lock in fair pricing before the surgery happens, very similar to a mortgage rate lock! Benefit from favorable health care pricing in advance!

Combat unfair billing charges in a timely and professional matter

From time to time unfair billing claims come up. Our Medical Billing Specialist will provide the support needed to correct any accidental or inaccurate billing codes. Most of these billing issues can be resolved within a couple of hours. Another unmatched white-glove service to eliminate the stress from employees and administrators forced to face these issues on their own.

View our pricing for for total billing support, including unlimited Tele-doctor services. We are Health Insurance 2.0!

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